Why Do You Oppose Gay Marriage??

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Robert said: Because what you believe tends to help legislate laws that are not representing the people as a whole. Equal rights means equal rights for all not just those who think they have a Superior moral compass based out of a faith system not everybody follows. If believers went …

Jon McNaughtonWhy Do You Oppose Gay Marriage??

Christians Believe in Open Borders

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LINDA SAID: Have you ever lived in the conditions these people and their children do?  Blame it all on Obama but how do you call yourself Christian posting this…  Do you think Christ would shut the borders down?  I used to love your work but now I have nothing to …

Jon McNaughtonChristians Believe in Open Borders

Today is Independence Day

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America is about freedom. We believe in strong families, patriotism, God, and justice. We won’t bother you if you don’t bother us . . . well, that’s the way it should be. I wanted to paint a picture that represents why I think gun ownership is important. Since our country’s …

Jon McNaughtonToday is Independence Day

Would You Watch Silently?

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This vignette of one my paintings demonstrates how I feel about my faith in Christ. I believe too many Christians are passive about their beliefs and how our government infringes upon our rights. We need to stand up for our freedoms and the freedoms of others to worship and live …

Jon McNaughtonWould You Watch Silently?

Jesus Was Not A Liberal

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I had this conversation on my Facebook page with a couple of liberals who argued that Jesus was a liberal.  With the caption: It could be because I explain why Satan is the greatest liberal of all. Steve: Dudes! Jesus was a liberal, too! McNaughton: Jesus was not a liberal. He …

Jon McNaughtonJesus Was Not A Liberal


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Here is my list of things THAT MAKE ME SICK that are happening in our country, simply because they are so STUPID! Read my list of 13 and feel free to add to them. TSA agents with body scanners who pester passengers instead of using good old common sense. Not …