Guns are Sinful?

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Here is an interesting exchange I recently had on Facebook. I posted this painting of mine with the following caption: This will be the year Obama implements the rest of his agenda, starting with new firearm mandates. My painting, “Stand Your Ground,” represents how I feel about the subject. Kay:  Amen …

Jon McNaughtonGuns are Sinful?
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McNaughton Art Classes Facebook Page

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Hi everyone, I have a new page for those who are aspiring artists and are interested in my classes. I just started this today on Facebook, so if you’re interested, “like” the page and follow what is happening as I do new images for students to paint. It is a …

Jon McNaughtonMcNaughton Art Classes Facebook Page
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Pray For America

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America needs to have a conversation. Not about who deserves something and who doesn’t. It’s not about whether Cliven Bundy deserves to graze his cattle on the land of his fathers, But whether he has the right to stand up for himself. America needs to have a conversation. Not about …

Jon McNaughtonPray For America
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My Facebook has been Restored!

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Update: My Facebook site has now been restored. I am indeed grateful to all of you who helped me to bring this to Facebook’s attention. I am sorry that some of you may have been drug into this and I hope these evil people get caught. I am now posting …

Jon McNaughtonMy Facebook has been Restored!

State Secession? Hold On For Dear Life!

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As written today in Reuters: Angry with Washington, 1 in 4 Americans open to secession. Is it any surprise that at least 25% of Americans feel disenfranchised from the country in light of how Washington is mishandling one issue after another? Despite objection from the majority of Americans, Obamacare was forced …

Jon McNaughtonState Secession? Hold On For Dear Life!
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Congress Did That? There is Hope

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I just saw this tweet from a Congressman that the House passed the Federal Reserve Transparency Act 333-92. What astonishes me is that there are that many in Washington who sense something is wrong with the Fed. Of course, it still needs to pass the Senate vote for anything to …

Jon McNaughtonCongress Did That? There is Hope

Send Troops to Liberia to Fight Ebola? I Don’t Trust Him (UPDATE)

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UPDATE, September 30, 2014:  The United States has its first confirmed case of Ebola in Dallas.  http://www.foxnews.com/health/2014/09/30/cdc-confirms-first-case-ebola-in-us/ Here is my question?  Why are we allowing people from Liberia to enter the US untested for Ebola?  Are we serious about preventing Americans from having this plague?  Please read my previous blog …

Jon McNaughtonSend Troops to Liberia to Fight Ebola? I Don’t Trust Him (UPDATE)
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Are We Safe Now?? It’s 9/11

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Tonight I listened to the President’s speech about the situation regarding ISIL and I felt my skin crawl as he talked about his plan to secure the safety of American citizens. On this eve of the anniversary of 9/11, only two years after the attack and massacre at our embassy …

Jon McNaughtonAre We Safe Now?? It’s 9/11

Does God Allow People to Suffer?

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Today I posted a video on Facebook referring to some of the miracles the Israelis have witnessed in regards to the war with Gaza. I posted this message with it: I had not heard this before. Stories circulating about God’s interference in protecting Israelis. Miraculous! http://www.wnd.com/2014/08/hand-of-god-sent-missile-into-sea/ Tori said: Really? Why …

Jon McNaughtonDoes God Allow People to Suffer?